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Experiencing God’s Grace

Welcome to Redeemer Lutheran Church. At Redeemer you will hear a Christ centered Law and Gospel message.  The central teaching of our faith is to appreciate the forgiveness of sins earned for us by Jesus, our Savior.  The inner peace that Christ gives enables us to live and serve Him in His kingdom on earth.  What a joy it is to be a part of His church and share that message with you.

What To Expect

Worship at Redeemer is regularly led by organ. On occasion hymns will be sung with piano accompaniment or guitar. We are also blessed with a wonderful music ministry that uplifts our services with adult choir, hand bells, and a variety of soloist and ensembles throughout the year. You can expect to hear the love of God in Jesus Christ through our liturgy and preaching.

What We Believe


Jesus Christ is The Redeemer. We believe that God created heaven and earth, making us in His image. We believe that this world has fallen into sin, and we all fall short of God’s design. However, we believe that God sent Jesus to redeem us from our sin, bringing us back into a right relationship with Him, restoring peace between God and man.


Our German roots take us back to the Reformation and the great reformer Martin Luther. While we do not worship Luther or even hold all his writings in high regard, the basics of what we believe are summarized in Luther’s Small Catechism. Which is a part of a larger confession of the Church called the Book of Concord, to which we subscribe.

Missouri Synod

Our denomination is Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Being part of the LCMS means that Redeemer walks with brothers and sisters in Christ around the United States who share this common confession and practice. To learn more about the LCMS and our doctrinal standards please click HERE

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